Hostile Environments

Individuals who need to be served may not always be receptive to service and instead, become hostile. Dangerous situations where your safety is compromised (such as threats of violence or physical harm) are considered hostile environments.  Since your welfare and safety is important to us, we want to provide some measures on how to handle these types of circumstances should they arise.


If the subject is visibly upset, try to de-escalate the situation by calmly explaining that you are a process server and are just present to give them legal documents.

Further tactics for de-escalation include:

Taking attempt photos before knocking on the door.
If service has already occurred, enter the service details at a safe distance.
If you are being threatened with bodily harm or believe you are in imminent danger, stay safe and leave the location with the documents in your possession.

If the situation continues to escalate or if the police have become involved - make sure to report this information in ABC Mobile, but only from a safe location. Report a hostile environment in the app by selecting:

  1.  Attempted
  2. Nobody - When asked "Who Did You Speak With at Address?"
  3. Nothing - When asked "What did you observe at the address?"
  4. Nobody - When asked "Who Else Did You Speak With?"
  5. Hostile Environment - "When asked "What Happened At Address?"


Then in your notes, explain in further detail, your experience at the service address. If you are in any way assaulted, threatened with a weapon, or if police were present, make sure to let Process Server Support know by submitting a request.