Cover Sheet

Cover Sheets are informational letters allowing for note taking and additional information to help you be Successful.

Anytime you receive service documents from ABC Legal, the first page will be a coversheet. This page should always be removed before successful service occurs. Many servers use the page for notes and to keep in their records. Here is an example of a cover sheet and what each section is designed to do:

  1. The title will let you know if this is a RUSH or normal order. RUSH orders will state above the "Service" title.
  2. Tracking numbers are a way to find the order on your mobile app when wanting to search for your orders through the Search icon on the main screen. A Tracking Number is the fastest way for the Process Server Support Team to find an order when requesting support.
  3. The address where original documents should be sent back to.
  4. The Servee's full name and expected address are provided in this section.
  5. The date when the address was most recently verified.
  6. The list of documents being served. 
  7. Special Handling includes any additional information provided by the customer, such as phone number for contacts, the best time to attempt, the servee's car information, etc.
  8. Information regarding the case.
  9. Needing help? The contact information listed on the cover sheet is one of many ways.


Coversheet Project Final 1