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Introducing “Between the Lines” with ABC Legal’s Heather Thomas

Between the Lines is a new ABC Legal blog series providing insider knowledge around our proprietary technology, products and services.

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The Impact of Large National Debt on the US Economy and Your Wallet

The US National Debt is staggering. We dig into what this mean, what lasting impact this will have and what can be done to control this.

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Automation in Law: Saving Time and Improving the Legal Process

Informative perspective on automation for lawyers and law firms as it leads to greater job satisfaction, performance, efficiency and accuracy.

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Subpoenas & Summons: Serving Process to Military Service Member

Service of process regarding military personnel is allowed, given certain criteria is met and regulations are followed as described in this article.

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The Guide to AI for Lawyers and Legal Services | ABC Legal Services

Discuss what Artificial Intelligence means and how lawyers and legal services are using it.

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Deeper Dive: An Overview of the Eviction Process

A discussion of eviction, eviction notices, and eviction lawsuits and broadly accepted standards in the process of eviction.

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