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Deeper Dive: An Overview of the Eviction Process

A discussion of eviction, eviction notices, and eviction lawsuits and broadly accepted standards in the process of eviction.

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Understanding the Legal Differences between Divorce and Annulment

A closer examination of the conceptual difference between a legal divorce and legal annulment.

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Better Together - Addressing all of Your Lawsuit Service Needs

Brandon Fuller, Co-Founder of Docketly, and Steve Carrigan, CEO at ABC Legal, share their vision and the opportunities of the merged companies.

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There’s Nothing Normal About Getting Back to Normal

As court systems begin reopening, daily business is not business as usual in this pandemic. Court procedures, office operations and service of process have all changed. So how is our justice system addressing the new “normal”? Join our webinar on Wednesday, June 22nd, at 1:00 pm EDT

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Service of Process and Methods of Service

Service of Process involves giving notice to a party about a court action that affects their rights. This article explains all you need to know.

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