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Subpoenas & Summons: Serving Process to Military Service Member

Service of process regarding military personnel is allowed, given certain criteria is met and regulations are followed as described in this article.

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Why Third-Party Process Servers Provide Better Service

ABC Legal is the leading and trusted third-party process server with proprietary software for Legal Process as a Service (LPaaS) for all your process needs

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Letters Rogatory for International Service of Process

This is the fourth article of our knowledge base series addressing international service of process through letters rogatory or letters of request. 

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Impact on International Service of Process: Inter-American Convention

This is the third article of our knowledge base series addressing international service of process. This time we focus on the Inter-American Convention.

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What does the Hague Service Convention do for Service of Process?

The Hague Service Convention and its impact on the International service of process and how ABC Legal can help.

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ABC Legal: Your Sole Provider for International Service

The United States DOJ awarded ABC Legal Services the contract to execute all incoming service of process and extrajudicial documents.

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