Our Technology

We built it. We own it. We improve it daily for you.

We develop software and business processes that protect you from fraudulent process service, increase service speed, and enable you to automate the management of your files and service.

What does that mean?

  • Electronic data exchange between our software and your case management system dispatches your file out for service faster and eliminates your back office data entry.
  • Stop calling courts! Use our court fee calculator and venue validation tool.
  • ABC Legal process servers use our mobile app, sending service data to you real-time. You'll access comprehensive service details, GPS, photos, on all your files.
  • Our process server audit team analyzes GPS coordinates, time/date stamped photos, process server routes and travel time, protecting you from the embarrassment and compliance risk of fraudulent service.
  • Urgent or problem files are auto-escalated by our software as critical assignments and show up on this KPI report.
  • Our 24 hour locate product automatically batches to 12 skip-trace data sources, uses our proprietary algorithm to then score prospected service addresses to get us and you to the right defendants faster.
  • Do everything online, or not. You decide. It's all there.
  • Get email notification when your case has been filed, service is complete, or the service address is no longer valid.

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