Update on California Litigation

May 24, 2012

"ABC Legal set the gold standard in the industry for process service. As a result we have grown into a successful business that employs 430 professionals and 27 software engineers across the country. Our team has developed a high tech system to track every step of a process serve, utilizing GPS coordinates, time stamps, photos, route analysis, travel times and sophisticated analytics. In addition we maintain a zero tolerance policy to foster adherence with our most stringent process service standards. These high tech tools and industry-leading standards are critical to protecting the integrity of our legal system.

"We are disappointed in the continued pursuit of litigation by Fred Schwinn, given the fact that a nearly identical prior suit brought by him resulted in an award to ABC Legal for the attorney fees we expended to defend ourselves against baseless allegations."

"We will continue to vigorously defend ABC Legal from Mr. Schwinn. We provide a valuable service to our customers and to the legal system nationwide, and we maintain the utmost confidence in our team and services."

-Stephen Carrigan, Chief Executive Officer

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